Samantha is the Artsy Aspie

Samantha is the Artsy Aspie

Samantha has been an artist all her life. She tells me it’s what defines her; it’s her safe harbor.

With the freedom of a self-directed learning environment at home, Samantha has been able to explore her passion without time constraints. No school bus to catch, no homework to finish, no assignments or deadlines or required curriculum. She has choice in what she learns and how she spends her time.

What Samantha is not defined by being on the Autism Spectrum. In fact she thinks it’s her superpower (noted in her business name). Or the fact that she is adopted in a sibling group of 6 and a household that has welcomed 25 foster children through its doors.

Now she adds entrepreneur to her definition of ‘self’ and is thriving.

Samantha isn’t just trying it on for size either. With a base of expenses just shy of $700.00 she is well placed to exceed a mid-four figure income before the end of 2020’s first quarter. Not bad for a first go at starting a business!

Check out Samantha’s Etsy shop

Her art reminds me of the Canadian Folk artist Maud Lewis and it was a honour to be able to interview this bright young woman.

In this episode we talked about:

  1. How her Asperger’s isn’t an impact but a gift.
  2. What she learned that she didn’t know before starting her business.
  3. Why starting a business was always the plan
  4. How she knew she had something that would ‘sell’.
  5. Advice for other Aspie kids and any young entrepreneur considering starting a business.
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