Young Entrepreneurs Program

This course is built with kids in mind. Each concept is broken down for easy viewing and the quick completion of each task. Additional, more in depth modules, are offered for those that want to take it further. However the base concepts are the same whether your young entrepreneur is six or 17. Every child that has done the program has come up with a marketable idea and been able to sell it.

How to Start Your Own Business

This is a self-paced course broken down into 8 video modules to guide you through starting your own business from idea creation to making your first sale. Prototyping, costs, funding, marketing, profits – it’s all here!


How to Start Your Own Business with Coaching

The self-paced course plus LIVE weekly group coaching - 10 Students ONLY. (Note: This program is offered only 3 times a year - Spring, Fall and a quick start intensive during the pre-holiday season)

$124.00 Closed. Watch for fall enrollment opening July 1, 2020

Don't need the whole course but help with one thing only?

Business ideas for young entrepreneurs with the Idea Machine

The idea machine a.k.a. Brainstorming your perfect product

In this module we walk through every step to coming up with a great idea that will sell, tailor-made just for you. Plus defining your ideal customer!


Your Elevator Pitch a.k.a Presenting your prototype

Here is where you create one version of your idea and get feedback. This module will walk you through why this is important and how to use it to improve your idea.


What's In Your Piggy Bank? a.k.a Costs of starting your business

How are you going to fund your business? This module explores all the different ways you can find the resources you need to start a business. Plus a really cool business planning tool.


What's It Worth? a.k.a Finding the right price for your product

Establishing a market for your product and considering costs all come into determining the best price for your product. Once you get this right, selling is easy!


How To Get The Word Out a.k.a. Marketing your product

Now you have a great business and a well priced product - how does anyone know you have something to offer? This module will offer all the 'kid' friendly and FREE ways to get the word out.


It's SO Appealing! a.k.a. Packaging your product for the marketplace

Labels, signs, packaging, business cards ... we'll cover all the bases for ensuring your product looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside!


Step Right Up!! a.k.a Where will you sell your product?

You now have this great product and you are ready to make some money, but where to sell it? This module gives you every place imaginable to sell your goods - and a few you didn't know existed.


Money In The Bank. a.k.a. Profits and losses. What comes next?

We'll explore what you could do with all the money you made from your first sale. Everything from paying back investors and reinvesting in your business, to money management for kids and the importance of giving back.