From Foster Care to Millionaire with Cody McLain

From Foster Care to Millionaire with Cody McLain

Would you like be a millionaire before you turn 25? It seems like a pipe dream but my guest Cody McLain did just that.

I don’t typically interview adults, but Cody’s story (which I read in one sitting) begs to have that rule broken having started his first business at 15. After the death of his parents and suddenly finding himself in foster care, Cody forged his own path for success.

Still under 30, Cody has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies. His story is so inspiring I just had to bring his voice to the conversation.

Cody walks us through how he got started and why, plus all the roadblocks and hassles he had to overcome. On top of obstacles most entrepreneurs have to face, Cody was dealing with zero support and weathering the impact of trusting the wrong people. Despite what seems like impossible odds, he found his path and has been overwhelmingly successful.

We discuss his best advice for young entrepreneurs and shares an overall personal philosophy we all could take to heart.

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Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Hostgator hosting reseller –
  2. “Impostor Syndrome” with Mike Cannon-Brookes – 

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From Foster Care to Millionaire: A Young Entrepreneur's Story of Tragedy and Triumph

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