Boardgame vs Audiobook ROI with Declan

Boardgame vs Audiobook ROI with Declan

Declan came to class with no idea for a business the first year. But he seemed to know he was going to do something no one else was doing. With a quiet confidence he presented the idea of a board game to the class and was flooded with suggestions from his friends. Everyone could envision a board game. He was on to a great idea.

Spawned from his family’s love of games, Declan’s ideal customer was of course his own family structure. He wanted to ensure it had enough player pieces for more than 4 players because that was a pain point from his personal experience. With a family of 5, someone is always left out.

Declan really got the concept of building out his business with the customer in mind. Adding a modified version of the game when players are short on time and modelling the theme of the game on real world concepts, his game encourages play-to-completion engagement. It’s fun play!

For the second fair Declan decided to write his own stories, or narrate concepts he thought younger children would enjoy, such as “What is space?”. He created his own audio books. Declan’s Digital Stories would appear to be a better ROI at first glance, but he learned some valuable lessons around costs versus time spent.

Have a listen and tell me what you think of Declan’s journey. And if you have a similar experience let me know.

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    Very good insights! What a valuable experience for this young entrepreneur!!!!

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