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Young Entrepreneurs Course

Building Essential Skills

Young Entrepreneurs from the Kids 2 Market program have not only started and continued with their business ideas, but learned there’s no such thing as failure, just an opportunity to start again and rethink the problem.

Essential Skills for a future we can’t imagine – critical thinking, creative problem solving, confidence, resilience and independence.

It’s exciting to start your own business and with the Kids 2 Market program they are supported every step of the way.

the program

Starting with their own interests in mind, the program guides every participant through an intensive idea creation exercise. And yes, everyone comes up with a business idea that is uniquely theirs. Some of the best ideas come from students who started with “I don’t have an idea”.

From there it’s all about building out that idea from prototyping and pitching to selling their product to customers. Plus all the marketing, money and management that goes in between.

Kids 2 Market Helps Cultivate Critical Skills!

This was an excellent opportunity for my kids to see what it is like to operate a business: all the preparation work, how to price and market products, and the pride and joy that comes when customers are interested in your ideas and maybe even purchase from your store. It was a project that created a lot of work for to do, which required discipline and focus and touched on many academic subjects. It will give them a better sense of the value of money going forward. Thanks for all your did and do, Stacey.

— Michelle

My daughter enjoyed the program every time she was involve in it. Both years she did her research for her product, sale cost and profit. Each time her business was a success. She enjoyed preparing all the way up to providing the product. She made posters, shirts and of course plenty of inventory and sold about 95% each time.  She was eager to get her product out, she was devoted to providing a good quality product. She became money sense aware and more assertive in her business approach.

— Claudia

My boys really enjoyed seeing their hard work turn into a finished product that they then got to sell. It really made the point that finishing projects (that started as inspiration) takes effort but the pay off is huge! Instilling a sense of accomplishment and also turning work into profit so someone else can enjoy what inspired them in the first place.
We loved the class!

— Madeline

First of all thanks a lot for working so hard with kids and getting them ready for the fair. My daughter had an amazing experience. In her words, she felt nervous in the beginning, then nerve-cited and when the fair was over she felt very sad that it ended. Over the summer she wants to try out different business ideas and save money to donate to Calgary Humane Society.

— Sumaiya